About Need 4 Tweed...

Who we are and why we do what we do...

My name is Mo, a year or so ago I decided that it was time to put aside The Fear of What Might Happen and try something new.  Surely I thought, I couldn’t be the only person in the world with a need for tweed.  So I set to and made a few trial purses in vintage tweed.  Well, they sold and people loved them, so I thought that I would try some other fabrics and eventually settled on my favourite:  Harris Tweed.  Since then, I have made many shoulder bags, purses, key rings, phone cases, tablet covers, dog coats and pretty much any tweedy accessory you could think of.  I am always expanding my range of products and looking for new ideas to turn to the tweed side.  Watch this space for future products...  Because surely if you’ve read this far, you, like me, have a Need 4 Tweed.
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Tweed accessories, handmade by Mo

Ponies, hounds and other animals...

A few pictures of me and my furry friends.  Biscuit, Maximo, Lucy and not

forgetting Gerty and Vasquez.